Farewell to a Friend


Today our friend and guitarist Josh Morales posted on his Facebook page about his retirement from Vacation Manor. After much talking and deliberating we all felt that this had to happen eventually. However logical it might be the loss is still real. We'll miss Josh's exuberant energy on and off stage and his humor and good nature with us on the road. Below is Josh's original post explaining the situation.

Hey everybody, Josh Morales here.

For those that know me and are interested, you know that I have been apart of the band Vacation Manor for a little over two years now. I play guitar and do background vocals for the band. We have gone from playing a battle of the bands for a college event to releasing two singles and an EP, which is currently getting radio time in different cities and in stores all over the country. We’ve played festivals, bars, record stores, college cafeterias, coffee shops, etc. The band is on a good path to doing amazing things, and I can say that I am proud to be a part of the journey. Something I have learned is that though something may be successful, and will continue to be, if you aren’t passionate about what you are doing, you simply won’t find joy in it.

I love each and every one of my bandmates in Vacation Manor. I have held this off for the better part of the year, because I just love playing with them. If you have been to our shows, you know that it’s a wild ride from beginning to end. I have had some of the best memories and best experiences of my life with this band. With that all being said, I have decided that I will no longer be a part of Vacation Manor. After months of talking with my wife, talking with the guys, trying different things out, I believe that this is the best decision for my family and for the band.

I am sincerely going to miss performing with Cole, Nathan, and Dane. I know that they are cooking up some amazing tunes, and I will always continue to hope that God blesses their work as Vacation Manor with success. As for me, and what this means for me as a musician and an artist, this isn’t the end.

I am primarily a singer and a songwriter. That's my "thing", and I am thrilled to say that I am currently working with my very good friend, Nicholas Purvis, on releasing some music very soon. I have been writing and working on these songs with Nick for this entire year, and I am more than excited to begin this new chapter in my music career.

So with all that being said (and thank you for reading it all if you did) I just want end this by saying how grateful I am for this opportunity that I was able to have. It's been great to get to know so many people, especially in the Lynchburg community, and I'm thankful for those friendships. I promise not be be a stranger.

Much love,
- Josh